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Explore the large selection of single and small combination baby vaccines that we offer at BabyJabs. Discover which vaccines will best suit your child’s needs.


Find out about the diseases, how likely it is that your child will catch these illnesses, and how serious they are.

Vaccine book
A new updated 3rd edition of Dr Halvorsen's book on children's vaccines is now available. The book contains information on all the main children's vaccines and the diseases they protect against. He describes how and when the vaccines were introduced, their effectiveness and side-effects. The book includes alternative schedules available both privately and on the NHS. Entitled Vaccines: A Parent's Guide, it is available from Amazon.

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New BabyJabs nurses

We are delighted to welcome Pali and Gary to the BabyJabs team. We say goodbye to Maxine, who has worked at BabyJabs for six years and is taking well deserved retirement.

Meningitis W vaccine is available at BabyJabs

There is concern over the increasing number of cases of meningitis W in the UK which is now causing deaths in young children.
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