BabyJabs vaccines now available in Manchester

Most BabyJabs vaccines are now available at the samedaydoctor clinic in Manchester. The clinic is based at 28 Queen Street, Manchester M2 5HX. Please continue to phone our London office (020 7631 0090) to arrange for vaccines to be administered in Manchester.
The cost of the vaccines may be slightly more than that advertised on the BabyJabs web site because the vaccines have to be transported from London. If you know exactly which vaccines you require please telephone 020 7631 0090 to arrange for these to be transported to Manchester. You may be asked to pay for all the vaccines in advance as we do not keep stocks in Manchester and they have to be sent for each individual child.
If you are unsure which vaccines you will require, we strongly recommend that you arrange to have a consultation with Dr Richard Halvorsen who will arrange a personalised schedule for your child. Consultations are not available in Manchester; if you are unable to travel to London then a telephone consultation can be arranged.
If you have any queries about the service available in Manchester please telephone our head office in London on 020 7631 0090.
For more information or to make an appointment telephone +44(0)20 7631 0090 or email us at